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Detergent Selection Guide
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Please note: if you are accessing this page from another website, you may wish to consider that this offer is for industrial detergents and is not intended for household use.

If our standard sample which makes 1 gallon (3.8 liters) of test cleaning solution will not be enough for your sample evaluation, please e-mail

To help us send the right samples for your application, please check all boxes that apply, or fill in where indicated.

Items in red are required.


1. What surfaces are you cleaning?

Polycarbonate, acrylic, and other sensitive plastics
Filters, membranes, RO or UF systems
PC boards, wafers, electronic components
Pipets in syphon washers
Soft metals: aluminum, copper, brass, other non-ferrous
Stainless steel, iron, nickel
Glass, ceramic, porcelain, rubber, fiberglass, plastic
Other (please describe):


2. What soils are you removing?

Proteinaceous soils, blood and other body fluids, tissue
Inorganic soils, scale, salts, metallic complexes, metal oxides, trace metals
Silicone oils, mold-release agents, buffing compounds, radioisotopes, radioactive contaminants
Oils, cutting fluids, chemical, solvents, bio-residues, particulates, laboratory soils
Heavy oils, greases, baked-on residues
Conductive residues, resins, rosins, solder, fluxes, particulates, salts
Other (please describe):


3. Where do you use your detergents?

Household/Janitorial location
Central cleaning/service
Manufacturing process location
Field cleaning
Other (please describe):


4. How are you cleaning?

By hand
Soak or circulate clean-in-place
Syphon pipet washer
Power spray wand
Ultrasonic (please specify brand):
Washer/sanitizer (please specify brand):
Glassware washer (please specify brand):
Parts washer (please specify brand):
PC board washer (please specify brand):
Solvent vapor/soak (please specify brand):
Other (please describe):


5. If you use cleaning machinery, are you planning to purchase new, upgrade, or replace it in the near future?


6. What size detergent do you buy?

Units (gallons, quarts, 4-lb. boxes, packets)
Cases of units (9 x 4 lb., 12 x 1 qt., 4 x 1 gal.)
Medium (25- and 50-lb. boxes, 15-gallon drums)
Bulk (100 lb., 300 lb., 55-gallon drums)
Or, Solujet and Tergajet sample offer
Other (please describe):

7. Do you now use Alconox Canada detergent?

If yes, which detergent (please specify type):
If no, what do you currently use? (please describe):

8. Are you are currently experiencing problems with the cleaner you are using?

9. Any special waste treatment/disposal concerns?

11. Estimated annual purchases of high-quality cleaners in CA$ (if known): 

12. Your primary job function:


3. What size/how often do you purchase high-quality cleaners?

units (single boxes or bottles) - weekly  monthly  yearly 
cases (cases of boxes or bottles) - weekly  monthly  yearly 
med. Sizes (50-100 lb or 5-15 gal drum) - weekly  monthly  yearly 
bulk sizes (300 lb or 55 gal drum) - weekly  monthly  yearly 


14. Special complimentary book offer - $39.95 value - The Aqueous Cleaning Handbook

I agree to try the samples being sent as a result of this request
I agree to let Alconox Canada know the results of my sample trial by completing the sample report card (will be included with samples)
I understand that I will be billed $39.95 for the book if I fail to try out and report the results of my trial
Please SEND me the Aqueous Cleaning Handbook. I agree to terms stated above.
If you wish to purchase the book, please order it on
our website or call Alconox Canada, Inc. at 1-800-461-0233 Ext. 223



16. Contact information:

Address 1:
Postal Code:


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